Happy Birthday Blues

We closed escrow on this home Friday Oct 8, 2010 and started digging the pool the following Monday morning. Creating the perfect pool has been a long process. We’re still working on the patio and landscaping.

My family and friends have been looking forward to swimming this Memorial Day weekend for months. Two of us have birthdays to celebrate. Yesterday, I turned on the pool heater. Last night we discovered it never heated the pool. This morning, the pool is 68 degrees.

How do I tell 10 little children and 10 young adults they can’t swim?

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7 Comments on “Happy Birthday Blues

  1. The last photo shows the children trying to get into the pool. Poor babies!

    • Heck.. think English!!!!! swim swim swim..will soon warm up with that sun :)) xx

  2. That last picture with the kids “pining” to be in that water, is about the most visually discriptive photo I’ve seen.

    The looks on ALL of their faces, the body language, Katie’s tootsies, the fact that the gorgeous pool cannot be enjoyed … is priceless. Not to mention that the composition and colors in the photo are exquisite. Thank you for sharing this story photo.

    Be sure to post a follow up photo when they all finally gain entry. Line ’em up and take a pic as they jump in!

    • Photos taken with my phone amaze me! I’ll be tweeting from the pool as soon as they make waterproof phones.

  3. I can come help ya heat it up… Lets take it ole school. Some big Gumbo pots filled with steaming hot water. lol.

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