From a Double Vision Dream to Centerpiece

Grinding fire rock
I am the luckiest mother. I have wonderful children who share my love for a beautiful home. My son Kirk Fisher, a neuroscientist who could be doing so many amazing things like studying more medicine at Columbia to writing the next best seller, took a week off to drill a hole through a rock and grind a recession for a fire ring.

We were told the boulder weighed about 300 pounds. It was difficult to launch it off the back of the truck to the ground where it sat for months waiting for inspiration.

The double vision dream inspiration Kirk and I shared began with “wouldn’t it be neat to have a fire reflect on the pool? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have fire come up out of a rock that looks like it was always there? Wouldn’t it be splendid to have a rock sphere for the flames to shimmer?”

Like most people, we started researching online. This wonderful old, outdated, but effective website kept capturing our attention. Their links kept showing up in our Google docs. (I’ll share the link in a bit. You’ll disappear before you comment and spend a lot of time entranced.)

After the hole drilling and grinding with new tools, the boulder would not budge on the dolly which had two flat tires. A new piano dolly and four strong young men hefted the rock through my double doors, over my walnut floors, across the patio, to the pool courtyard garden where the propane pipe waited. The four BIG boys could not lift the rock. I’m talking about young men who moved furniture like a piano, a slate pool table, and huge cabinets.

We rented a motor hoist. The boulder swung too fast and broke the propane pipe. After digging up the garden, moving heavy stones, trips to Lowe’s for parts (a story in itself…LOVE Lowe’s!), re-plumbing… it took 3 hours to set the stone in the right spot, one inch at a time.
Garden Boulder Installation



Sometimes a difficult dream, like a long birth, wears you out. In the end, when all turns out well, you feel splendid.

first-fire-rock short video

Please come back and see the stone with the black sphere and the replanted garden.

Joy to your home!


What is your dream vision?

Oh, yes the link to FirePit Glass Rocks & Balls You know how to find Lowes. Did you know they tweet? Lowes on Twitter

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