How to Get Me to Follow You on Twitter in 3 Easy Steps

JeanetteAsk any of us long-time Twitter users about the proper way to get us to follow you and you will get many different answers.

For me, Twitter is about the conversation. It is not a fan club. I prefer to only follow people who follow me. If I can’t DM you when you DM me, that is unacceptable.

  1. Please follow me before you ask me to follow you.
  2. Then, tweet to me so I see you in my stream. Some days, I may miss tweets, but I try to reply to all.
  3. Keep following me or you will be dropped. My assistant uses a program to see who unfollows me. (It seems people believe they will have a higher Twitter score if they get me to follow them when they don’t follow me.)

I don’t have the usual rules like you must have 1,000 followers before I will follow you. However, I prefer to follow accounts with:

  • A photo of a person
  • A bio
  • A website link (Make an about you page on Facebook if you don’t have a website.)
  • Tweets to people and not a list of self-serving links

I like to help people get started on Twitter. Frequently, I present conference calls with my tips for beginners. I also organize many tweetups.

Tweet Me Right and I’ll Tweet You Nice!

@Jeanette Joy

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5 Comments on “How to Get Me to Follow You on Twitter in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Found a few posts I love here from #coworking group… and this one caught my eye even more, read it- and connected promptly on twitter with you!
    great tips and couldn’t agree more with you.
    Looking forward to conversation with you on twittersphere!

  2. Hi, you were good enough to follow the band of which I am the vocalist, Iron Claw – I like to know who’s following, so had a peek at your website – completely agree with you, if you can’t DM then what’s the point!
    We as a band, hopefully on the verge of something big – even at our advanced years – with an album 40 years in the making, believe that we have a message to send and the way to do that is by communicating with as many people as possible.
    Thank you for being part of our growing community, I do hope you listen to our tune very loud whilst travelling at speed – I’m certain you’ll enjoy it.



  3. Being new to social networking, I haven’t had time to figure out the protocols so thanks for the tips. I try to supply good content, links to valuable news or information, retweets to anything loving, and as many humorous replies as I can. After all, my motto is “Lighten Up World.” You can always DM me and pick my brain for any solar or alternative energy or construction information. Been in it for forty years.

    Nice house and pool. You do need solar pool heating, although it looks like Arizona or California and you won’t need much.

    My website is in BETA so peruse it with a grain of salt.

    Peace and Love

  4. I follow you on twitter because I like the information in your bio. After reading your post, I like what you have to say. Not sure about “DM”, guess it means Direct Message? I am still learning the best way to use twitter. Any tips would be appreciated.

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