Target, Target, Shame on You!

Normally, I praise companies and forgive little irritations.

After agonizing about my recent Target experience all night, I decided it was more loving to share with consumers the truth about the company who says “Expect more pay less with Target..”

If you live in Sun City or Lake Elsinore, you pay less for umbrellas and other products than if you shop nearby in Murrieta.

Target does not honor advertisements from their own stores even when they have signs posted in customer service that promise to honor sale prices for two weeks.

I purchased four umbrellas at the Lake Elsinore Target to shade my patio for an upcoming wedding. I needed one more for the other side of the pool where there now sits an empty umbrella stand in front of the primary table for eight.

My mother and I drove to Menifee’s new Super Target. After parking in the hot sun and walking through the immense parking lot into the store which is organized differently than regular Targets, I finally found the umbrellas. They had only striped ones in stock. Half an hour later, we then stopped at the Super Target in Murrieta at Clinton Keith and the 215. Since I hurt my hip and was in pain, I asked for help at the service counter. They had a young man bring the umbrella. I was so happy to see it was exactly the one I wanted. Imagine my surprise when he told me it was TWICE as much as I payed for the umbrellas I already purchased at Lake Elsinore Target!

I asked them to honor the sale price or to send the umbrella to Lake Elsinore. NO!

Guess what? The Smith & Hawkins Umbrellas online at Target cost EVEN more! Plus shipping! The website says this umbrella is not sold in stores. It is the same one I purchased but in brown, not beige.

Solution? Searched 9′ Patio Umbrella w/Crank & Tilt. Found one at for $49.95 plus $10.92 shipping. All under two minutes to search, find, buy. No driving, walking in the heat, walking endless aisles, waiting in lines, or feeling cheated.

I love shopping online! Target’s problem: I have frequent huge parties, tweetups, meetups, live music, weddings, workshops and seminars at my home. When someone says, “Hey that umbrella doesn’t match…”

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4 Comments on “Target, Target, Shame on You!

  1. This is so wrong, when an item is priced at any chain store…..all the STORES must have same pricing. Was is a manager you spoke with? I would write a letter send it cert. mail to the main office of Target and ask them whatever happened to best practices????

    The out come is lovely, and looks beautiful……no thanks to Target.
    Mary Kay

    • I love your new page. Looks awesome Jeanette. I completely agree with you too, shopping on-line is easier. I do prefer to shop my small local shops though. Gets me in and around saying hi and keeps them going too. But I do agree with you on the big box store. Take care.

  2. I spoke to the customer service manager at the counter who told me Targets all have different pricing. This is why I posted this information to let people know that Targets are not all the same. We “expect” things of Target that are not true.

    The photo only shows the one side. I have to take another photo of the missing umbrella and the last one I just ordered this morning when it arrives.

  3. Jeanette, you are a true champion of Consumers everywhere! Keep up your good Design with Justice work!!!!

    Shame on Target. They don’t need to be that way.

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