Jeanette’s Rainbow and New Twitter Friends

Jeanette's Rainbow Rainbow over Lake Elsinore, California

One of the best benefits of Twitter is making new friends. Sine 2007, I’ve met some fascinating, friendly, and good folks. When I count my best friends, it’s amazing how many I know from Twitter. Just knowing they’re only a tweet away makes me feel loved, supported, and comforted.

Sometimes I feel like I need to quit Twitter because I don’t need more friends in my full life; I can concentrate on the ones I know, love, and trust. Then, I came across another group of women across the continent and across the sea creating a wonderful community.
Members of Rainbow Light Foundation on Twitter – @Louise_M_Oliver @JenniferWarters @RebeccaPenkett Each have amazing websites and visions.

You just have to smile at how much alike we are even if we never met in person. We share a dream of peace. And rainbows.

Rainbow Light Foundation Irish Rainbow

Let’s let the love and light we share heal the world. Love brings peace, which gives joy.
Joy to YOU!

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