Jeanette’s Books Need Help

I found this photo of my daughter Katie packing my books to ship. Some of the envelopes have multiple books. This was a typical day’s shipment along with a box to Amazon.

Jeanette's daughter mailing books

I’m thinking about updating my last seven books to republish with the three new ones in progress. Joy Publications needs an editor, a copy editor, and a book design assistant. ( I design books using design psychology.) We have the best cover designer.

When you know the basics, writing is fun and profitable. Please learn how to write right before you waste your time. Too many books flounder, not because the content sucks… because the writing makes readers cringe. Even with a degree in English, I still have two editors.

If you have a nonfiction book you want to get out of your head into print, we’re setting up writing camps at my new home. We’re publishing a few books for other authors this summer. Email Jeanette in care of JeanetteFisher dot com.


What’s your writing dream?

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