Jeanette’s Grandkids First Video

The following video was made without any adult supervision in any way. Alden Fisher Blake, Natasha Fisher, and Lydia Fisher Blake filmed, directed, stared, edited, and even uploaded the video to Joy TV Vimeo account all by themselves.

The children, fans of the popular TV show When Vacations Attack, inserted commercials starring their cousins.

Imagine their parents shock when this show appeared on my big screen TV. They played the video on the Roku box.



P. S. Please leave comments below for the children.

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4 Comments on “Jeanette’s Grandkids First Video

  1. I hope to show this to my 10 year old twin grandsons – they will probably want to try and make one a bit like this. Good job you kids! Thanks, Madi

  2. The kids sure had a lot of fun making that film on their own! They are definitely inspired by their media guru grandma!

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