Do YOU Blog?

Long ago in the time before social media, people started talking about Blogs and Blogging. I hoped it was a fad and would naturally die. The only reason: I don’t like the sound of the word blog. Worse than some four-letter words, blog sounds like fingernails scraping chalkboard to me. I’d much rather be on a beach somewhere in warm water floating and watching clouds.
Cribbean Island
For nearly a year, this blog has been broken. I didn’t miss writing posts here because I poured my heart on on Facebook and Twitter. However, my new publishing company (partly me) expects authors to blog. I’d rather say write.

So, let’s do this thing. Let’s blog. Let’s write. Let’s share content with the world. I’m going to write my best tips for social media, buying and selling real estate, sex psychology, and traveling. What are you blogging about? Do you like blogging? Let’s meetup after on a Caribbean Island. Deal?

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2 Comments on “Do YOU Blog?

  1. Good morning. I have the leeway and privilege to blog about 18 topics on a B2B blog. I cover our products but also write about leadership, networking, social media and more. I’m thinking I need to write about networking in the Caribbean, from the beach, with an umbrella’d drink in my hand.

    • I totally agree with you Randy! Gail Lynne Goodwin and I blogged from a beach at The Bitter End, British Virgin Islands. I was worried I would ruin my Macbook, but it still travels with me because I limited my umbrellas.

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