500 days of blogging!


500 days of blogging

It all started with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams…  Julie and Julia, the Oscar-winning film about a woman who blogs every day for a year, is the spark and inspiration behind one of SA’s most popular blogs. Jodene, a writer and life achievement facilitator, decided to put her life online in a daily blog, appropriately called Project Me. The aim was – and 500 days on, still is – to take the time every day to reflect on what has happened in her life and to focus on becoming absolutely goalless and totally purposeful. And, as an aside, she hopes that one day a movie will also be made about her with Amy Adams playing the lead role. Like Julie in the movie, Jodene just started blogging, not knowing where it would take her but knowing that it’s something that she needs to do.

Jodene stays in touch personally with her readers through social media like Facebook and Twitter. She has become somewhat of a blogging celebrity as a result of her commitment to blogging daily and the openness with which she blogs, and has been featured on an international blogging community, as well as on the South African blog She’s The Geek as a woman who makes a difference through technology. Her Twitter following has grown to nearly 13,000 because of her personal interaction, believing that every tweet and comment must receive a response. The blog receives on average 650 hits per day. There is also an international audience with one of the blog’s most ardent fans being in the USA.

Like on any journey there have been ups and downs. Jodene herniated and sequestrated a disc in her lower back in August 2010. This injury had her bed-ridden for a month and a half in extreme pain, yet the blog had to continue. Jodene says, “During this time I knew that if I didn’t blog then I’d be missing the point of Project Me. I only missed two days where the combination of the pain and the medication meant I wasn’t lucid enough to blog and I asked a friend to fill in for me. It was during this time that I realised that Project Me was going to continue for more than the initial 365 days.”

There have been many milestones along the way. On day 100 Jodene wrote about the 100 things she had learnt up to that point. There was the moment she was approached by her first sponsor and realised that her blog was moving onto another level. Day 366 was also momentous, as she then knew the blog was limitless, having superseded the original goal of 365 days. Now there is day 500 (trending as #D500 on Twitter), which was celebrated with a cocktail party on 15 May at Café Culture in Fourways. Highlights at the party included blog comments from around the world and a live Twitter feed.

Jodene says, “The results have proved to me that anything is possible if you tell your truth and live your life asking yourself, ‘if the whole world knows this about me, will I still be able to hold my head high?’ This moment has answered my question: Yes!”

Project Me has inspired readers from around the world and shows the power of everyone telling their own story. As a result there is now a section for successful South African personalities to do an online interview that tells the readers a little about their journey to success while also promoting a charity organisation close to their heart. Another popular feature is Your Project Me Story where readers can submit their own stories of living with courage, consciousness and a sense of humor.

Jodene continues to tell her story and hopes that everyone will do the same for themselves because we all have a story as unique as we all are.

Blog address: http://jodene.co.za/projectme

About Jodene and Lifeology

Jodene is a 30-something Joburger with her finger on the pulse of social media. She’s an accomplished writer, blogger and speaker with a passion for watching people flourish, especially while eating ice cream! She is a passionate advocate for taking responsibility for your own life, your happiness and most importantly your choices. She is co-owner of Lifeology, a company that encourages courage, consciousness and a sense of humour as the main ingredients to happy living.

Telephone:                  082 781 7570

Email:                           jodene  AT lifeology.biz

Twitter:                   @jodenecoza

Website:                  http://lifeology.biz

The Day 500 event is proudly sponsored by 6 on THIRTEENTH and Café Culture.


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About Café Culture

Café Culture is a Bistro Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. Open Monday to Sunday from 11am till Close. Situated in Pineslopes Shopping Centre between the Keg and Thai Restaurant (same Centre as Billy the Bums).

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