Why You Need to Question Authority

Never let anyone tell you what you “should do!”

Author Jeanette Joy Fisher

One of my biggest mistakes was letting a doctor put me on antidepressants without doing research. Guess what I found out after my girlfriends and daughter celebrated one night with me? While having a great, hours-long dinner at my favorite restaurant, we had two glasses of wine and an after dinner fancy coffee drink. When we left, they were fine, but I was acting crazy drunk.

Maria asked, “What are you on?” I said “Nothing…wait, you mean Wellbutrin (bupropion)?”
We realized I had been acting strange for quite some time. Years.

From the many bupropion side effects I found listed online, I experienced these: confusion, trouble concentrating, unusual thoughts and behaviors, distress, dizziness, tinnitus (ringing in my ears), sleep abnormalities and impaired sleep quality, decreased memory, forgetfulness (I had trouble remembering Maria’s last name!), shortness of breath, shaking or trembling hands, dropping objects, and spilling drinks. There are many more side effects, including seizures, which I didn’t have. I was afraid I had early onset Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Not being able to keep thoughts straight feels incapacitating.

I feel sorry for my friends who only knew me while taking this medication. Within a few days of weaning the antidepressant, the ringing in my ears left one ear and decreased significantly in the other. After just a few days without Wellbutrin, I started writing again. Today, I’m working on two new books and loving life. I’m much happier than I was taking the medicine. I don’t drink nearly as often and when I do, I’m not out of control.

How many people taking antidepressants are misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or attention deficit disorders?

Besides taking my doctor’s advice on medicines, I allowed my friends to counsel me and I paid a coach to teach me internet marketing–all wrong. I also witnessed many of my friends paying “coaches” who gave them bad advice.

Take responsibility for your actions. Make your own decisions. Too many people let their friends and others claiming to be life coaches, who aren’t licensed counselors or trained professionals, tell them what to do. If you’re a life coach, please guide and encourage clients to their own inspired conclusions.

Center yourself and seek Divine counsel.

From my new book  How to Have Better Sex, Lose Weight, Make Millions, and Eat Chocolate.com

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Joy to You!

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3 Comments on “Why You Need to Question Authority

  1. This blog Jeanette Joy Fisher is going to help a whole lot of people! A friend is doing a Documentary on this same subject. She is an Award Winning Filmmaker. I hope you’ll let me put you in touch.

    Thanks for Blogging your Truth!

  2. Jeanette, Glad to hear you “Fired Your Doctor” You are correct those medicines destroy your body. Toxic Liver, underactive Thyroid are common side effects from these Medicines!! Keep Your the Great Work!
    Dr. Joe Kasper

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