Cavalia, an Equine Experience for Performing Arts Lovers

Cavalia, an Experience for Horse, Dance, Music, Comedy, Circus, & Performance Lovers

Running Free inspired by Cavalia, Jayne St John oil on canvas
A few years ago, I took my mother to see Cavalia. If you see one show in your lifetime, see this one.

More of an experience than a show, Cavalia treats your senses. For horse lovers, the show is a treasure. For music lovers, the experience haunts you (in a good way) for years. For dance lovers, you’ll never forget watching ballet and dancing horses. For comedy lovers, you’ll laugh until you cry. For circus lovers, you’ll be amazed at the trapeze acts. Special effects and multimedia fans rave about the production. Simply splendid!
For tickets, go to Cavalia.
For more information about my mother, artist Jayne St. John, who has painted over a thousand paintings, please see her memoir and more paintings at Joy Publications.

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