Attitude and Actions for Attainment

“Whatever your problem or task for the day presents, your attitude controls your actions and determines your results—success or disappointment.” ~ Jeanette Joy Fisher to Bamboo Women, July 10th, 2007

Jeanette's Cactus Flower

Success implies the attainment of the intention. Set your goals as desired outcomes of your inspirations turned into ideas.

Think about the way you react to your everyday stresses. When you let your attitude control your actions, your outcome becomes the direct result of the way you let your emotions rule your life. If you react with positive focus to a problem, you act with joy and a peaceful plan. When you REact to a problem with negativity, your disdain and displeasure cause hurt feelings, misery, and, too often– failure.

No matter how bad the morning seems, start your day with a positive attitude. Turn negative thoughts to positive and see the difference in your actions and results!

Surrounded by a bed of needles, a cactus flower blooms.


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