Simply the Best Twitter Friends Part 2

Jeanette and Friends

My Twitter friends have changed over the years since 2007. Some have dropped off Twitter, a few have passed on, and others don’t tweet to me often anymore for whatever reason. This list has changed drastically since my first one.

I know I’ve forgotten a few who add to my love of Twitter. I compiled this list over a month. If you feel like I left you off, please let me know. One of the reasons I hesitated doing this was because it’s hard to remember everyone. Tweet Me Nice and I’ll add you to the upcoming Simply the Best Twitter Friends Part 3.

My personal Twitter following standards (there are no rules on Twitter) include a follow back. I am not a fan on Twitter. To me, it’s all about the conversation.

Most of these people I have met in person because of conversations on Twitter. I didn’t look at numbers, scores, or statistics. This list features loving, nice, and reciprocal conversationalists. Some of my friends I have yet to meet in person. I feel close to them after hundreds of engaging tweets. We email and talk on the phone. When we finally meet in person, there are no awkward moments, we immediately bond.

Love, Peace and Joy to you,


katiafisher Katie gets top billing because I have loved her forever. She’s busy recording so don’t expect a lot of tweets.

The remaining are in alphabetical order except for LoriMoreno, Twitter’s lead LOVE inspirationalist.

AndreaMetcalf, One of the hottest mothers online, also a NICE person and fun to sail with even though she makes you work out when you’d rather sit.

AnitaNelson Long time tweetie who inspires me to go to Detroit to share good news

AnnTran_ Really “Simply the Best”

ApothecaryJeri Amazing in Real Life

awakeningaimee Inspirational when you need it most

BethFrysztak You’ll just want to hang out with Beth.

BethRosen You’ll want to pack Beth in your suitcase and she’ll fit.

Barb_Calabrese Full of life, happiness, energy, joy, and love

carepathways Mary Kay, loving, generous, beautiful, and smart… what more can I say?

CyberBonn A morning coffee mate sharing smiles

CyndeeHaydon a long time friendly tweetheart, knows how to tweet with style as she cross promotes your business.

DianeTate Inspired the #TweetMeRight Charity Road Trip; a classy, gorgeous lady who conquered adversity with grace

EdLovesSumo Ed Phillip gives and gives and gives. He’s simply the best.

Faith_Ford Down to Earth, friend, actor and Southern Belle tweetheart

HawaiiRealty Kelly, fun company to cruise the Caribbean and California coastlines and a great real estate expert!

HennArtOnline Henie Reisinger, artist extraordinaire with a generous heart

inspiremetoday Gail Goodwin, friend, full of life and love

JessicaNorthey Twitter’s favorite blonde bombshell; just as amazing in person

jbranigan Jane finds time to be a supportive friend on Twitter while she bakes delights and runs a Bed and Breakfast in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

janewmeade One of the best reasons to tweet… you meet people like Jane who comes to most of my events–drives through LA traffic and brings goodies too! We both have little grandsons named Finn.

JetBlue My favorite business; great flight from Long Beach to Austin!

jpblogger My best friend who I have yet to meet.

JulieSpira Makes you feel great about yourself even though you’re not perfect like she is and she doesn’t act all snobby in her designer clothes.

kathyklingaman Super Woman

k8dt Kate Daven Thomas Sings! Fun, funny, makes you smile and giggle!

kaytcampbellcom A great listener who helps you remember who you are, Me, not Me author

kim tweets for peace, promotes the arts, and is a lot of fun sharing scary movies. She also is patient with blondes driving convertibles while filming in LA during protests.

LipServiceInk Thais` Mills sent me a sample of her fun and fabulous art. She’s also a great  writer and I look forward to a real hug.

LizzStrass Brillant leader on Twitter and everywhere online and in person

LoisMarketing Lois Martin, Southern writer and sweetheart

McMedia Sandi McKenna … friendly, smart, FUN!

MichelleTrent One of my first Twitter friends who understands the joys of raising a child with special abilities while running a home-based business.

MomsofAmerica Debra Cincioni … Leader, graceful, interesting and fun to hang out with!

NancySinatra tweets gently and gracefully for good

RachelintheOC Orange County, California’s snarky blogger is really a sweetie.  

RickGriffin always tweets you RIGHT! He gives good hugs and will make you laugh, too!

SashaKane Full of life and love while fighting cancer

shannonseek Shannon, a beautiful shinning bright Twitter star shares love and laughter.

sherryfetzer Sexy, spontaneous, spiritual, savvy, splendid, smart,…

SherylBreuker one of my first Twitter friends is even more fun in person.

SimoneBlum Simply the Best supportive, generous and gregarious traveling companion and tweetie!

soultravelers3 Follow a family around the world on an endless journey seeking truth, sharing love, and telling incredible stories,

StaceySoleil Friendly, inspiring, motivating, and a great mom!

squeakmouse73 Rainee Perdue, sees life more clearly than sighted people.

SuuperG Gina Stark, gorgeous Gina is down to Earth and nice too!

terrinakamura Terri knows how to be a friend when you need one. Tweets in True Twitter Spirit!

TomorrowKnight WIth over 220,000 followers, Sean Gardener remembers his tweet friends.

tkpleslie Leslie, a long time tweetie, knows how to make real connections and invites you to fabulous events.

TweetSmarter, On my first list of favorite tweethearts, Sarah has blossomed to be one-half of one of the most influential Twitter accounts: Knight Foundation and Shorty award, front cover of CNN’s technology section, profiled by the Huffington Post

windycitysocial Hope encourages you to enjoy life while working smarter.

YogaArmy Sebastian St. George would be on my list just for his great name. He also gives me lots of support and shares good content. Besides, he grows organic vegetables.

WarrenWhitlock I’ve known Warren longer than Twitter’s been part of our lives. Twitter helps keep us connected.

yokoono Only on Twitter can you talk to a star like Yoko who I respect for her work towards Peace. link:

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35 Comments on “Simply the Best Twitter Friends Part 2

  1. Wow – Jeanette thank you so much for including me on this list- love how twitter helped us connect better and more frequently ;D

    • Yes! Some of them we met together… Good times because of Twitter! I’m so grateful to know you Shannon!

  2. Yes, Twitter facilitates some great TwittFellows! Thanks for your kind words … and the JOY!

  3. THANKS SO MUCH JEANETTE for including me on your list of AMAZING people. I feel quite blessed to even be mentioned with a group of incredible people! All of my Fav Tweeps are in here! It’s like Prego!

    Thank you Jeanette for being such a caring, giving and sharing person! You truly spread a message of Joy 🙂

    Many Blessings 🙂

  4. Dear Jeanette: You are just the nicest person-both on Twitter and in real life-so genuine and always willing to help others! I so appreciate your inclusion of me on this list, but you deserve to be on a list with just one person on it–YOU!

    Have a beautiful day, sweet lady!

  5. We never met on twitter before but I am glad we do now, also on #Coworking!

  6. Thanks for telling us about Twitter connections who matter most. I believe I know only about 1/4 of the good people on your list; my work’s cut out for me.

    A very attractive and also inspiring blog you have, Jeannette!

    Best wishes from Osaka, Japan,


    • I’ve been tweeting since 2007. It takes time to make lasting friendships. These people are the salt of the Earth and the Future of Peace.

  7. What a great list, I too know a lot of these people. I love Twitter, and I love the people on it, I’m glad to be a new part of your circle 🙂 x

  8. Twitter is an amazing phenomenon and I have watched your journey and have been excited to see it flourish.

    Happy to be one of your friends IRL and on Twitter too!

  9. Such a great post! This kind of tribute is so much more meaningful than a short #FF tweet. I’m also please to say we share some of the same Twitter friends (some of whom are old-fashioned, face-to-face friends, too!).

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