I’ll See You in My Dreams

My heart is sad. My sister in law passed away today.

When I received the call, I was reading a book on happiness only to get to a depressing part where babies died reminding me how bad it hurts forever to lose a child. I hope my sister gets greeted by her angel niece.

Just before my daughter Sara passed away, she, her dad and I watched Concert for George over and over. Sara loved the ukulele her dad played; music was her favorite activity. I now have a host of angels watching over me: Sara, her dad and his sister.

When I ask my doctor friends about why we have so much pain when someone dies, they tell me it’s because we have so much love in our hearts. I’m grateful for the love.

Give a hug and you’ll get one back.

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5 Comments on “I’ll See You in My Dreams

  1. Jeanette,

    I am saddened to hear about your loss today. You have come accross my mind several times today. Knowing that today a cloud of saddness, hurt and grief are over you. I pray that you will feel the touch of YOUR Angels.

  2. Dear Sweet Jeanette,
    It’s truly the hardest to lose a child. Like you I had a daughter. Seems I am forever “adopting” little and big girls to love and mentor. I believe that when we leave this planet that we live on in all the hearts who have loved us. I also believe that the reason it hurts, so much , is because we fear we have lost them forever. I don’t believe that anymore. There are so many things that cannot be explained and only experienced.
    I believe with all my heart that those I love, that love me, that we will be together again.
    Elizabeth Kubler Ross who studied Death and the dying said that there are 2 major questions that the dying person ask before they transition: 1. Am I loved? 2. Did I love well? We are here to love one another, to help others realize their own potential to grow. In doing so we grow as well. Sometimes my heart is so full of love I think it’s going to burst! Speaking of which… Did you know that scientifically no one has ever been able to measure how much love one heart can hold! I’m focusing on Joy and happiness as I believe these are the greatest gifts we give to those we love. Starting with ourselves. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. I love your energy and what you stand for … Love and Blessings Jeanette,

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