2014 Was a Great Year!

Changes! Name, Profession, & Websites…

I’m so excited about 2014. At the beginning of the year, during a MasterMind meeting, I declared I wanted to find a new man. Not just any man. I had a list. After a few false starts, I met Ned Young. And the rest is history.

Joy Gardens PoolIf you find yourself single, widowed and missing the married way of life, consider dating a widow. Ned and I expected our relationship to work. We knew what a marriage could be and we wanted that bonding. Singles have different lists. “Not this. Not that. If you ever…” Widows with bad marriage experiences don’t bother looking.

Even after OKCupid stated we had a 98% match, Ned didn’t like my profile. Unaware he had even looked, I emailed him. He wrote back that he wasn’t interested in “Airy-fairy.” Of course, being me, I took offense and had to email back my objection. He liked my attitude. That was the beginning of a great spring romance and fabulous summer of travel. We went on at least three honeymoons, so we decided to get married.

Being married changed our relationship. Our love is stronger and everything feels more vibrant and intense. He’s so much better than the man on my list! I didn’t know I could ask for some of the qualities he has. I happily changed my name to Jeanette Joy Young.

Now that my life is balanced according to my Eight Elements of Your Being (an integral part of Journal for Joy and How to Have Better Sex, Lose Weight, Make Millions, and Eat Chocolate.com), I was able to focus, pass the California Real Estate Exam, and organize myself to follow my professional passion. I help folks find the right home for their happiness–sometimes for less than they are prepared to pay because you shouldn’t spend all your money on housing–and give them a free Design Psychology Plan. I also help authors, speakers, and event presenters find a home to use as a venue. Home sellers get a no-cost Design Psychology Staging Plan.

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