Katie Fisher and The Pacific Crest Trail

My daughter left home today. Katie’s done this many times–to go to Brazil in high school; to go to college near Chicago, then to Argentina, Peru, and Russia …

She’s only been staying with me for a week and it feels like she’s a teenager running away. This time, Katie’s walking the Pacific Crest Trail from Campo, California on the Mexican border to Canada. And, maybe back. Like Forest Gump, she’s walking until she’s done walking.

It makes no difference to me that she’s hiked the Appalachian Trail before, all the way from Georgia to Maine. Hiking in the desert, up mountains, in rain, snow, and ice is not my idea of fun or adventure. No computer for four or five months? No way.

Last week, Katie and I went to Borrego Springs through the mountains past Warner Springs. We stopped to take a  photo of the Pacific Crest Trail crossing and I snapped many photos on my phone as she drove. This nature journey shows a glimmer of the views Katie will enjoy on her adventure.

In preparation of her trek, Katie made all her food from strange healthy ingredients impossible for me to pronounce, let alone spell. Her puppy is also carrying a backpack of dog food.

Katie had a dinner party for us to sample her food. She also cooked a great meal. Her family helped her pack her food: chocolate spicy protein packed bars, some sort of salty cracker sustenance, and bags of protein enhanced powders to which she will add water and shake.

We’re all missing Katie tonight.


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3 Comments on “Katie Fisher and The Pacific Crest Trail

    • Thank you Suzanne. I’ll be here when your precious daughter leaves home.

  1. Wow Jeanette! You raised quite the adventurer. And what an auspicious time for her to begin her journey…Earth Day is tomorrow 🙂 You know, many PCT-ers come down from the trail into Idyllwild. (it’s only about 2.5 miles down to paved roads, then they hitch-hike) Do you know if she’s planning it? If so, wouldn’t it be great to greet her together and buy her a hearty lunch?! Or maybe I can plan a hike day and haul some water up to her when she’s at Saddle Junction. Or chocolate 😉 Let me know… xo G

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