Goodbye Mustang, Hello Valentine Cadillac

One of the reasons I waited so long to purchase a new car is I loved my Mustang GT convertible. I really loved this car.
Goodbye Mustang
Imagine driving a car for over 110,000 miles with no breakdowns, no repairs, no hastles. Just plain FUN, dependability, and JOY.

Goodbye Hug

Goodbye Hug


Hello Valentine Cadillac

Hello Valentine Cadillac

Paradise Cadillac was exceptional to work with. I had visited other dealers who were just as nice, but they offered me half price of what Paradise Cadillac & Chevrolet gave me for my awesome Mustang GT convertible. I drove a few easy to drive BMWs. But, my mother didn’t like the high SUVs and I needed All Wheel Drive for our muddy hilly roads. The Cadillac XRS’s hip-high seat height makes it the easiest car to get in and out. Plus, my payments for the XRS are half as much as the BMW because it cost less and the interest rate is lower. My WWII Navy Veteran dad would be happy I bought a car imported from Detroit.

The main thing about my Valentine Cadillac is it’s not only safe for my grandkids, it’s super fun to drive. The Cadillac may not be quite as fun shifting into 5th gear at 80 like the racy Mustang, but it has all the new techie features: heated seats and steering wheel, back up camera, and seats that buzz your bottom if you get out of line!

#TweetMeRight Charity Road Tip 2013, here we come… Where should we go? Do you have a favorite charity you think should be promoted?


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2 Comments on “Goodbye Mustang, Hello Valentine Cadillac

  1. Hello Joy, i love the goodbye hug shot! Happy new car to you, the red C is an attractive one. Reminds me of a lady i met who drives one.

    Congratulations and have fun..

  2. Wow cool Jeanette!!! Congrats! Sounds like a fun car 🙂 heated seats and steering wheel ~ Love that! #TweetMeRight Charity Road Tip 2013 sounds great! Where should you go? Paradise in your Cadillac… Make it wherever you go 🙂 LOL

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