Yuk, Disgusting, Unhealthy, but Wait!

Hostess twinkies tweaked
When you were a child, did you love Twinkies? I did. Some of my lucky friends got them in their lunch boxes. Perhaps because my mother made cakes from “scratch,” we  were rarely treated a tasty Twinkie. And, “oh boy!” Twinkies were a big treat.

Later, as a health conscious mom, I occasionally spoiled my children with Twinkies and my preferred chocolate Ding Dongs. My tastes evolved to See’s chocolate truffles and I hadn’t enjoyed a Twinkie for years and years. Last week, I saw a box in my daughter’s pantry and helped myself. The Twinkie was kinda of pasty tasting and not worth the calories.

But wait, now that Hostess may be going out of business, suddenly I want Twinkies! Don’t they look yummy? Not pasty…rather creamy and lush…? And, guess what, they are not raw fake food after all.

Don’t worry, be happy… you can bake your own Twinkies! Here’s a video with the ingedients as my grandson Finn says. (I asked Finn if he made something from scratch and he said, “No, from ingredients.”)

What will YOU do?
Stock up just in case, bake your own, or forget about Twinkies?
Please comment below.

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4 Comments on “Yuk, Disgusting, Unhealthy, but Wait!

  1. There is no more decadent delicacy than a Fresh Twinkie. The spongy Angel Food coating is merely a container for the lush, creamy filling. I rarely got to enjoy one … and still can’t … but I would kill for a Hostess Chocolate CupCake with the little white squiggle decoration on top. Oh … and don’t forget those rectangular “Spice” cakes. Merely a precursor to my fixation with Carrott Cake! Love the “Let’s talk about them (and not actually eat them)opportunity!” Visual, Vicarious and Very fun.

    • It’s easy to discuss decadent delicacies when there is no easy access to trouble foods. Let’s see how we do with real wedding cake!

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