Mother’s Day?

This has been the strangest Mother’s Day for me. I’m sitting on my sofa next to my friends Aaron Kronis and Kayt Campbell. We all are working on our computers as fast as we can, stopping occasionally to make a phone call.

Over a year ago, I started working on The Joy Company, which is the parent of Joy TV, Joy Radio, and Joy Publications. This year has been harder than giving birth to my children. My goal today, to have the websites up and running. There are still many mistakes made by others to correct. One thing I am grateful for is finally learning WordPress. I was one of those diehard Dreamweaver geeks.

I have learned that outsourcing costs more in the long run. I have learned that people charge more than I to do less. Many times when I wanted to give up or quit, my friends pulled me up out of depression.

The Joy Company is not about me or for me. It was an inspiration to bring about peace. At the lowest point in my life, I asked God what I was to do to help my grandchildren. They need Peace. Within minutes of this inspiration, I met Kelsey Grammer.

The Joy Company inspires loving and profitable friendships worldwide to bring about peace, which gives joy.

How? My many influential and kind friends I’ve met because of social media have messages to share about solutions to our problems. They will have a place to post hope, love, and success–reaching out to those who can learn how to make a difference in their lives and communities.

Join our adventure. Send me an email if you have a book or show idea. Jeanette– at jeanettefisher dot com.

Next year, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day as the anniversary of The Joy Company.

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4 Comments on “Mother’s Day?

  1. There you go again Jeanette. Even having a non traditional Mothers Day is one in which you are working hard preparing to “Mother”/Nurture others.

    Thank you for that and for your Leadership in fostering Peace and Joy.

    • Jane, you are the nurturing Mother, Grandmother, and Friend. I’m so grateful for meeting you!

  2. It was nice to read what you did for Mother’s Day, Jeanette.

    This Mother’s Day is the first one I’ve celebrated with my children in years – can’t even remember the last time. It was a great day with celebrations, friends and even gifts and cards. I’d be more enthusiastic if only I didn’t take these antihistamines to keep me from scratching mosquito bites. It’s time to head for CA and home.

  3. Madi,

    After a few years, the mosquitos leave you alone. I know it’s strange. Look at the Georgia natives and you will see they have no bites. My first year in Florida, I looked like I had chicken pocks. After that, I guess I had something in my blood or body, they left me alone.

    My home is where my children live and you may feel that way, too, when you stop itching. 🙂

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