Joy to YOU!

Welcome to my new blog., online since 2003, had hundreds of pages with articles, photos, videos, a media room, and more. Google loved the website and included it in the top listings for “Jeanette” searches. I was reluctant to discard all that content, work, and SEO.

Life takes us in new directions. This new website is not about me. It’s for you. I don’t like the ugly word “blog” and rather think about this as my open letter to you. Like most of us, I’ve learned a lot about love, life, and making money. It’s tempting just to stay home and read, watch movies, tweet, and talk on the phone. However, I want to change the world for my grandchildren.

If we inspire loving and profitable friendships worldwide, we can give Joy to the World, Joy to YOU and me.

How can you make the world a better place?

Be awesome and comment below.



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