Jeanette’s Inspiration and Interpretation


Have you ever seen a photo that inspired you to create something beautiful?

Jeanette's inspiration pool




I love the simple serenity of this pool.

This is my interpretation using interior design psychology to blend with my home…


Jeanette's Therapy Pool

Jeanette's Therapy Pool








The garden begins for fire resistant landscape design book and Joy TV special.

Jeanette's pool and garden





Join us for a tweet swim soon…


P.S. What inspires you? Please comment. Thank you.

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2 Comments on “Jeanette’s Inspiration and Interpretation

  1. Your design is spot on your interpretation of the land surrounding your California home. You took a very simple plan and turned into a work of art. Perfection. Cannot wait for my swim.
    Mary Kay aka @carepathways

  2. Jeanette, That is a amazing pool. I love it! I hope you are well and doing good. Love Brian Golding

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