The Truth about Social Media Training Workshop

The Truth about Social Media…

How to do it right, make money, save money, save time, get connected to Social Media Influencers, and make a difference in your life!

Have you ever participated in a seminar with a bunch of experts telling you how to do internet marketing and left confused about where to start and which guru to follow? Did you buy a bunch of “how to” DVDs, Cds, and ebooks and never finish going through all the material?

Join us for a fast start in doing social media right. You won’t take a lot of notes. You’ll set everything up as you go along. Learn by doing with instant feedback from someone who knows social media.

ALSO–> Business owners who are too busy to do social media—> YOU MUST KNOW what you’re paying others to do.

Maria Parkinson says: “Jeanette’s steps are like taking a jet to New York instead of walking.”

Warren Whitlock said, “Jeanette can get more done fast. You’d think that the quality would suffer, but Jeanette delivers outstanding results every time. Working with her is a blast. I’ve been able to work with her on multiple projects and recommend you do the same.”

This workshop is part of a rotating series of Online Marketing Psychology with a Spiritual Foundation.

What you need to bring with you:

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Digital Photos
  • Login information to any accounts you may have

Let’s create together!

  1. Map Out an Awesome Social Networking and Marketing Campaign
  2. Set up your accounts on the top 7 Social Networking and Marketing sites.
  3. Set up  “Speedy & Simple” Twitter account and learn how to get followers.
  4. Skip the five common mistakes that newbie Twitter users make.
  5. Make a Facebook Page and learn how a wedding photographer makes $5k per month part time from Facebook alone.
  6. Set up a Social Bookmarking Mastermind with fellow attendees. This is HUGE but you might not fully understand the implications until the following month.

Personal note from Jeanette Joy…

RSVP JeanetteJoy @ and we’ll send you a map to Jeanette’s home, if we still have space. Limited seating because we believe you need the personal feedback to get this right.
See the venue below; click to view video full size…

Dan Safkow said… “I suspect that Jeanette has forgotten more about Internet marketing than most will ever know. Her contributions at my monthly Internet Marketing Meetups are exceptional and I appreciate her positive nature and easy going style.”