Book Writing Retreat

How many times have you promised yourself you would write a book this year?

“Write Your Book Quick and Learn by Doing Retreat!”

How many seminars, boot camps, and workshops have you paid for and gone home with just ideas swirling around in your head? What do you want to do— Spend three days learning how to do it or just get it done? You can pay marketers for theories and learn how to write your book someday or spend three days with us and write as you learn.

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book and becoming a best-selling author?

Give yourself the opportunity to create the dream of having your nonfiction book ready for print. (Special programs available for children’s books.) Feel the joy of holding your book in your hands a week later. Join us for a intimate retreat and get the tools, the know-how, and the network to make this possible.

How much money are you losing by not having your book in print?

Every author who graduated from writer to authority says holding their book for the first time feels so good. Many authors make more money in their business after publishing a book. They wonder why they waited so long to finish their manuscript. Think about how a published book enhances your image, credibility, confidence, and business.

Did you know withholding your gifts from the world can cause blockage in your life?

Others write with passion only to be devastated by poor sales because they made errors in writing, production, publishing, and promotion. You owe it to yourself to achieve your potential by writing right, designing your book with panache, a parent publisher standing behind you, and today’s best marketing practices set in place.

Be Known As the “Go-To” Person in Your Specialty!

We understand the delays, the uncertainties, and the busy lifestyles that keep you from writing your book or books. That’s why we’re here to help you with a special three-day retreat.

This is not a seminar where you learn HOW to write a book! This is a special event where write your book, have it professionally designed, and end up with a book—not just a fun weekend where you learn a new skill.

  • Get your content out of your heart and head into your laptop, ready for print.
  • Get professional book design help from a color and design psychology teacher.
  • Get the advantage of a professional copywriter and an editor. (Extreme content editing extra.)
  • Get sales copy on your back cover that you can also use on your website.
  • Take away a book with a cover that makes you proud!

How much is this worth?

  1. Book formatting  $2,800 for 200 pages
  2. Editing $1,965 or more
  3. Illustrations $4,600
  4. Book cover design $3,000
  5. Back cover sales copy $2,900

Some publishers charge you around $5,000 to set your book up—if they approve your book. But, they don’t hold your hand and help you write a great book!

Enjoy an extended weekend where you’ll be inspired and catered to. Value? Beyond measure. Cost? Subsidized by authors who want to help struggling authors.

Finally, get that book in print. The easy way. And, look like a pro, not an amateur wannabe. For years, you’ve been uploading your talents and gifts; the time is now to download.

Limited to SIX authors. Call us to reserve your space: 951-775-2252 Location near Los Angeles, California*

Here’s what few Noted Experts Say about Jeanette Fisher:

“For any aspiring writers who are trying to make it in the book business or for those who have already been published and want to take their work to the next level, we are here to tell you that drafting a brilliant manuscript is only half the battle. Jeanette Fisher is an extraordinary designer who will lay out your book so that it POPS off the shelf and stands out amongst the crowded competition. Fisher blends careful precision and bursting passion with professional expertise and years of experience. Employing depth of knowledge, and a unique sense of creative intuition, Fisher captured our vision for what we hoped our book would look like in print. We were truly LUCKY to find her because she accomplished everything we desired even under impossible time constraints. We say BRAVO Jeanette Fisher! ” — Attorneys and Authors of I Am The Judge —Michael Berger and Marc Iorio

“Jeanette, I want you to know how thankful we are with the outstanding and excellent service you have given us. Also, I really appreciate the timely completion and the brilliant work. ” —Dr. John Kwak, Publisher

“Jeanette Fisher has been an absolute blessing to our first endeavor as a publishing company. She has done more than anyone can expect and has provided us with a wealth of information to get our company off to a good start. She has given our book the magic touch. I am honored and fortunate to know her. Jeanette is truly a beautiful person. We could have not launched our first book without her.” —Ricardo A. Jara, Ed.D.

Don’t let another month or year go by without proving to yourself that you have what it takes to write a book—or books.

Imagine life with your book as your business card. Seven Reasons to Write a Book:

  1. Tell your story.
  2. Warn people and spread your message.
  3. Help people overcome specific problems.
  4. Gain expert status in your field.
  5. Make money.
  6. Become famous.
  7. Achieve self-fulfillment.

“How to Write a REAL Book and Get it Published…  AND Make Money”

Besides getting your book ready for print, learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of self-publishing. We walk you through the maze of ISBN numbers, printers, distributors, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, library sales, and how to sell your book.

How NOT To Write a Book!

It’s the mistakes you make that often get you into trouble. Learn how to avoid them when writing your book!

Don’t get caught like some authors with boxes of books in your garage that cost you more than you can sell them for on Amazon.

Call us to reserve your space: 951-775-2252 (We must think your idea is worth publishing before we reserve your place.)

Will Hesitation Cost You Your Seat?

Pick up your phone and call right now to discuss your book and see if we have any spaces available. 951-775-2252 (9am to 6 pm Pacific Time). Reserve your space now.

How We Help You Get Your Book Ready for Print:

  • Phone meetings ahead of time so you come prepared.
  • Personal Interview
    Review your ideas for your book and make sure you’re a good fit with our instructors. If you don’t know what topic to write about, we’ll help you figure that out.
  • Writing Instruction Teleseminar
    Even if you have a Ph.D. (like many of the authors we’ve worked with), you still need a refresher in proper formatting and grammar usage. Learn the top ten mistakes beginning writers make that tell publishers they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Arrive Saturday evening near LA. Get acquainted party at Jeanette’s.
  • Sunday morning: Mediation
  • Sunday afternoon: Outlining, formatting, tips, treasures, and framework.
  • We will give you a proven writing system that helps you organize your thoughts and write FAST. You will learn from us one-on-one while you write. Besides using our system, you will have editors and professional writers standing by to help and guide you. No excuses! You will write your book! We will hold your hand, give you a hug, criticize, and praise you— whatever you need to get the words out.
  • Monday:  Intensive Writing
    Learn how to get into a writer’s “fury” and enjoy the writing process. Our expert editors and graphic designers will begin formatting your book for print.
  • Tuesday: Plan to stay all day so you can finish your book!
  • As you write your book, we will edit, design the book, help you with catchy chapter titles, and help with illustrations, if needed.
  • You may self-publish your book or use our publishing company. We want you to send your book to print and we will help you get it ready.

Many authors will be ready to send their book to the printer by the time they leave. Some may want to make changes over the next few days. Because we know you can work on a book forever and it will never be perfect, we will help you make the right decision when your book is ready.

Promote Yourself with the Best Business Card:
Although authors make money selling books, they make thousands more using their book as a business card.

Say “YES! I WILL write a book this month! Reserve My Space.”

What you need to bring:
Laptop computer with word processing program, flash drive, any images or graphics you plan to use, notes, articles, creativity, and a positive attitude. Grumpy, negative folks, please stay away. This is a group effort of support and inspiration. You will make friends and be invited to premier parties at Jeanette’s. You may get an interview on Joy TV, or perhaps your own show.

We priced this event according to what others charge to teach you how to write a book. With our special system, you not only learn how to do it—you will write your book! Your goal for the retreat is to get your book ready for print.

P. S. There will be no discounts for partners writing separate books. However, please call if you plan to coauthor one book and attend together. We have found that co-writing takes LONGER!

“Where your talents align with the needs of the world, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle

* Prerequisites: Personal interview with Jeanette, plus teleseminar preparations:

The Power of Your Words: “How to Make Sure Your Books and Speeches Rise above Amateur Perceptions” Learn to Write Right Now!

YES! I WILL write a book NOW! Reserve My Space 951-775-2252

$3,000 (The cost for this retreat has been as much as $6,800.)

Lodging: Holiday Inn, Lake Elsinore

 Joy Publications, INC 9-4pm Please call Tuesday – Thursday 951-775-2252