Beginner’s Online Marketing Psychology Class

Basic Beginner’s Online Marketing Psychology Class

For those of you who have a computer, internet connection, and a desire to learn how to get started promoting yourself or business, join Jeanette Joy for a day of fun and work. Besides the following action steps, you will learn Marketing Psychology tips and best practices.

Although Jeanette taught college classes, this class is not a lecture. You will be setting up your online presence, not taking notes to sift through later. You will be given notes and links online so everything is easy for you to do once you go home. You will be ready to go with:

  • Your Blog
    (Please do not buy a domain name until you speak to Jeanette.)
  • Photo
  • Bio
  • 3 Social Media Basic Accounts set up with content
  • A network of loyal friends to help you
  • An invitation to join our high-traffic community blog with links back to your website

Limited to ten participants

This class is being divided into one day rotating workshops every two weeks.  Check out …

The Truth about Social Media, Workshop #1

Advanced Classes

  • The Truth about Social Media
  • How to Write Well
  • Camera Ready Now
  • Article Marketing Psychology
  • Video Marketing Psychology
  • How to Write a Book Fast
  • Jeanette Joy’s 5 Secret Marketing Methods beyond Social Media