Branding JOY!

Everyone has been talking about branding for years. I branded several websites and entrepreneurial pursuits over the 16 years I’ve been playing/working online. My friend Chaz DeSimone helped me on and off. I created many designs myself because I understand design psychology. I was wrong. Design psychology for homes is different from branding graphic design. For the first time ever, I hired Chaz to rebrand me and gave him free creative license.

Chaz took my favorite colors from a photo I gave him of clothes in my closet and exploded JOY.

I can feel my definition of Joy every time I see my new logo.

“Joy is Love in action.” Can you feel it?


My Favicon is so small on the website navigation line, I just had to share the full-size design with you.

Thanks to Chaz at for creating my new JOY brand logos, banners, and updating my book covers.








joytothehome-logoEmail logo

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