Joy to Detroit! Change Agents Bring Hope to Blight

Don’t you love the way we learn about good news online? One story takes you to another great source and you just keep going deeper.

First I read The Christian  Science Monitor’s Change Agent article:

Change Agent

Detroit charity turns blight into gardens, parks, and homes

Motor City Blight Busters is fighting to bring Detroit back one abandoned building and one vacant lot at a time. The nonprofit demolishes abandoned buildings that are beyond repair, renovates homes, and cleans up parks and illegal dump sites….

This article  by By Nicole Wallace originally appeared in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Motor City Blight Busters reminded me of people I call “Change Agents” in Detroit. I met  Myrtle and Wayne Curtis, founders of “Feedom Freedom” organization in Detroit, Michigan. I wondered how they were doing after all this time, so I looked them up on Facebook and found their organization thriving. I’m thrilled for them and for Detroit.

Here is the video we filmed…

Tweet Me Right: Feedom Freedom, Detroit from Joy TV on Vimeo.

Who do you think should be honored as a “Change Agent?”


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Goodbye Mustang, Hello Valentine Cadillac

One of the reasons I waited so long to purchase a new car is I loved my Mustang GT convertible. I really loved this car.
Goodbye Mustang
Imagine driving a car for over 110,000 miles with no breakdowns, no repairs, no hastles. Just plain FUN, dependability, and JOY.

Goodbye Hug

Goodbye Hug


Hello Valentine Cadillac

Hello Valentine Cadillac

Paradise Cadillac was exceptional to work with. I had visited other dealers who were just as nice, but they offered me half price of what Paradise Cadillac & Chevrolet gave me for my awesome Mustang GT convertible. I drove a few easy to drive BMWs. But, my mother didn’t like the high SUVs and I needed All Wheel Drive for our muddy hilly roads. The Cadillac XRS’s hip-high seat height makes it the easiest car to get in and out. Plus, my payments for the XRS are half as much as the BMW because it cost less and the interest rate is lower. My WWII Navy Veteran dad would be happy I bought a car imported from Detroit.

The main thing about my Valentine Cadillac is it’s not only safe for my grandkids, it’s super fun to drive. The Cadillac may not be quite as fun shifting into 5th gear at 80 like the racy Mustang, but it has all the new techie features: heated seats and steering wheel, back up camera, and seats that buzz your bottom if you get out of line!

#TweetMeRight Charity Road Tip 2013, here we come… Where should we go? Do you have a favorite charity you think should be promoted?



My First Visit to The Comedy Store

I remember cruising Sunset Blvd as a teenager and seeing all the strange, hip, outrageous people standing around the cool clubs. People and scenes in front of Whiskey A Go Go and The Comedy Store drew me like a flower attracts a bee. I was sure the laughing pretty girls got to marry the rich cute boys and live happily ever after. Later, as a young married mother, I lived not far from The Sunset Strip and avoided the traffic and weirdos. I never expected it would take me forty years to come back to see my first comedy show.

Tony's first visit to a comedy show

Tony’s first visit to a comedy show

I didn’t know what to expect at The Comedy Store on West Sunset. The evening surprised, shocked, and sickened me–as well as entertained me. The first comic was really funny, except he made fun of himself as being a retard. Even though he may have cerebral palsy, he is not stupid and “retarded” offends me. But still, I can be offended without being shocked or grossed out, and laugh at funny redneck trailer-trash stories. All in all, he was funny.

Several more comics entertained us with varying degrees of sexual stories and black jokes. Black male comics garnered many laughs about Black History Month and about dating white women. That was funny. Few people know I graduated from Bethune Cookman College and understand southern black culture.

comic-brando-murphyBrando Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s son (Was it just me or did everyone else get the connection?) was fun and funny. Brando naturally has timing and charisma. He surprised me later by standing at the exit passing out cards to another show. I thought he was paid to stand there and hand out cards. I had no idea he was the comic star we saw earlier, let alone the son of a super star. He impresses me because he works so hard.

About Brando Murphy: A Natural Born Headliner
After Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, only 4 new comedians have emerged with the breakout talent to fill the comedy gap: Dave Chappelle, Kat Williams, Robin Harris, and Sam Kinnison. The comedy scene has awaited the entry of another “next-level” talent with Superstar appeal. BRANDO MURPHY has arrived on the scene with great buzz and excitement. One look or one laugh and you know that this charismatic kid has that it factor currently missing in comedy (a stand-up & comedic actor who: sings, dances does impressions and sketch work).
brando-murphy.sBrando Murphy is also being shopped around Hollywood to star in a biopic on the life of comedy icon Eddie Murphy, entitled Eddie (See footage link below). Brando has played the major LA comedy venues (i.e. Comedy Store, HAHA Café, Improv, etc.) and recently headlined at the Historic ROXY Theater in Hollywood (for VH-1’s SAVE THE MUSIC benefit concert). He also recently headlined the sold-out SONS OF COMEDY show in Studio City, CA where Mason Pryor (Richard Pryor’s son) opened for him.
See Brando’s Comedy footage
See Brando’s Acting footage-

Join us February 23

More about my first visit to The Comedy Store (or any comedy club)
The only woman comic embarrassed me. She was more foul mouthed and sexually explicit than the men. Sorry, I just didn’t appreciate that humor.

The headliner played a satirical guitar medley and sang funny lyrics. I didn’t know I was going to blog about this night, so I didn’t take notes on names. If anyone knows names, I’ll add them.


Comic Eric DeLuca performing at The Comedy Store

We went to see Maria Parkinson’s friend Eric DeLuca. He was likable, funny, and nice. You care about him and his funny family situation. It was unfortunate that he was cut short and Potty Mouth Woman took over repeating her harassing the pretty young women talk.

Will I return to The Comedy Store? Perhaps. I plan to go see Brando and Eric again and I’d love to see some of the other comics too. Laughter is good for us. Watered down drinks and gross jokes make it hard to sit through waiting for the good stuff.

A good belly laugh can make it all worthwhile. Please, make me laugh.

What makes you laugh?

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Four Reasons Why I Don’t Like MLM or “Network Marketing”

4 Reasons I Turn Off MLM Pitches

(No worries…I don’t try to bait and switch to sign you up!)

Sugar-coat Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and label this sales system Network Marketing to create the aura of a new attitude towards MLM all you want, but upline and downline direct marketing ruins friendships, consumes lives, and oversells expensive products. Let me explain the four main reasons why I won’t listen to your “once in a lifetime opportunity” sales pitch.

1. You lose friends.
As soon as you say yes to your friend touting the new product, they become your upline and demand access to all your friends. Your friend becomes a sales maniac encouraging you to have parties where she keeps pushing, pushing your friends to spend money they don’t have on expensive products they never knew about and don’t want, especially in massive quantities automatically billed monthly. Furthermore, at the end of the month, you get massive amounts of phone calls, emails, and texts demanding you get just a few more sales so your former friend can meet sales bonuses.

2. You lose your life.
If you buy into the dream like I did (I once had a downline of 33,000 people.) you become obsessed. Every moment of your life becomes about how to get more people signed up. Every party, dinner, visit, phone call, and chance encounter becomes about Your Wonderful Opportunity. You find your life consumed by MLM–missing out on normal social functions, relaxation, family, friends, and fun.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses

3. The products are overpriced.
Even though the company says they save advertising dollars, your upline makes an inordinate amount of commission and bonuses. The last product I bought into had beautiful packaging. Once dropped, it broke open to disclose an inner, less than half-size inner bottle. Besides being deceitful, as an environmentally conscious person, the extra wasted plastic aggravated me.

4. Autoship
Be wary of autoship. I was told I would get billed at the end of the month. The date went from the 30th to the 26th to the 20th. Also, I suddenly started getting a third charge for $29 for which I still have no explanation.

Do you think I’m being too harsh? I realize people need to make money today more than ever. What do you think?

Joy to YOU,