I’ve Been to the Edge and Back!

 Hello from Jeanette JOY,

This photo was taken by me in Melbourne, Australia from a place called The Edge. What’s interesting to me, I googled The Edge Melbourne Australia and came up with my forgotten old blog post about my visit. More on that post at the end of this.

I want to share my journey from Depression to Joy.

Some of my readers know my personal story and how I choose life instead of driving off Ortega Mountain. The still, small voice told me I could turn my life in a new direction, so I did. I turned my Mustang convertible to follow the road. I made new memories and had fun.

Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I got slammed again. Has this ever happened to you? How many times have you reinvented yourself?

2016 was a big year for me. It started out with another bout of extreme depression caused by grief. My low point, like the edge of a cliff, a knife edge, or the edge of night–a black hole–seemed to shroud me so I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t pray or meditate. One day, I sang childhood hymns. My voice is so out of tune, I had to laugh. I asked God, “What do I do to stop these painful life lessons?” The answer came to me, like a father scolding a child. “Jeanette, get over yourself and go help people.”

I reconnected with old friends and started going to events again. Helping others made me happy! More friends began calling me Joy. I faked Joy until I became JOY!

I’m uniquely qualified to help others because of the tribulations I had. I’m helping friends and entrepreneurs with free publicity. All my hacked websites are being rebuilt for Joint Publicity and Content Marketing.

Twitter was grief therapy for me. “Tweeting my life away” means I can promote with influence today. Tag your tweet with #JOYexpress and I will follow and retweet you.

I hope you never endure the pain I felt. If you ever do, try singing, dancing, anything to get yourself laughing. Ask God for your direction to a happy life. And, it may even be time for you to get over yourself and go help others.

How can I help you? Please answer below.


PS The other blog post on The Edge in Melbourne, Australia  (Does Google only list this post when I search?)

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Why Some Never & Some Do: The 9 Ps to Success

Positive Points along the Path

I’ve been working on my branding bringing all my pursuits together. Besides being a mom and grandmother, I’m a REALTOR, Design Psychologist, teacher, author, speaker, and internet marketer. I love having multiple projects and feel so great when things come together in harmony.

The following ideas may help you complete amazing achievements similar to my accomplishments this past year. I’m not bragging. I’m an example of what you can do. If a grieving senior widow who lost everything can turn her life around when it seemed hopeless, you can too.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to express gratitude as much as possible for everything during each phase of the following process. And, love everyone you come into contact with. No matter how difficult someone may be, try to just send loving thoughts their way. Don’t complain and participate in poor-me stories. I faked joy until I became Joy. Love in action creates joy.

The 9 Ps to Success

Do you know your life’s purpose? When you find your purpose, you can filter the thousands of thoughts flitting through your consciousness. Your life’s mission may define your purpose or just give you a guideline for actions. Have you created a mission statement?

One interesting exercise is to write an obituary for yourself. Writing an obituary lets you imagine what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. You can then plan the steps you need to take to achieve your desires. Try it. You may be surprised. (By the way, if you use a pen and paper, these exercises get more creative results for most.)

While your purpose may be more spiritual and intellectual, your passion comes from your heart, emotions, and intuition. Get into a meditative state and let your mind wander. What are your secret heart’s desires? What are you passionate about? Think about your aspirations, longings, adorations, cravings, and what gives you pleasure.

Let your purpose and passion meld and percolate. Let your creative juices help you see pictures in your mind of actions, events, and results. Imagine and see your vision from concept to completion. Dream something bigger than yourself. Hold thought steadfastly to the good you can bring forth to the world.

Create a plan of action steps forward. You may not see the entire roadmap at first and circumstances change. Continue picturing the results you want. Listen to your heart. What’s your next best step? Take it. Keep adding action steps to take. Check your old list of goals or To Do list. Some things are always there, but you’ll be surprised how many action steps you strike through in a week, month, or a year.

Along the way, you will start getting things ready to tackle your initial steps. Work, write, design, post, advertise, whatever you need to do and remember your purpose to motivate yourself. These actions determine your ultimate success. The difference between successful people and those who always struggle is the ones who achieve their dreams do things they don’t want to do while those who sit around saying it can’t be done take no action. Take the extra actions to advance your progress. Work a little more when you’d rather watch TV. Ask the difficult questions and do the hard things.

It’s time for you to shine! Feel your passion and share from your heart. Love your audience and forget yourself. Give your performance your total concentration. Push yourself to give more than your customers, clients, and even you expect.

Expect to profit from all your hard work. Don’t give up. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Demand your fair profit for work well done.

Take pleasure in your success and pay it forward. You deserve happiness just as much as you deserve profits.

Peace of Mind
Find serenity and stop to enjoy the peace of mind you’ve created for yourself. Express gratitude.

Next? Repeat. 
What are you going to do?
Get gutsy! Declare publicly your intentions below so we can support your endeavors.



One of my blessings is my home. I lost all my real estate when my husband passed and no one would pay the rent on our investment properties. God or the Universe, whatever your beliefs, provided this home. I designed the pool in my dreams until it became reality. There was only dirt surrounding my home when I purchased it. You can see how it evolved over the past few years. I’m so grateful!

Love & Joy to you,



Jeanette Joy on Instragram?

So many new sites appear and then just fade away. I got tired of building accounts only to see them be a huge waste of time. I never expected Instagram to be more that another social media fad. What I didn’t expect was to find it FUN! This is my most liked photo. I like others better. I was happy to see over 100 Hearts. My grandson Alden Blake has over 10,000 Likes on many of his photos! You can find me at JeanetteJoy on Instagram.

Frosted Sky #sunset

A photo posted by Jeanette Joy (@jeanettejoyfisher) on

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Branding JOY!

Everyone has been talking about branding for years. I branded several websites and entrepreneurial pursuits over the 16 years I’ve been playing/working online. My friend Chaz DeSimone helped me on and off. I created many designs myself because I understand design psychology. I was wrong. Design psychology for homes is different from branding graphic design. For the first time ever, I hired Chaz to rebrand me and gave him free creative license.

Chaz took my favorite colors from a photo I gave him of clothes in my closet and exploded JOY.

I can feel my definition of Joy every time I see my new logo.

“Joy is Love in action.” Can you feel it?


My Favicon is so small on the website navigation line, I just had to share the full-size design with you.

Thanks to Chaz at DesimoneDesign.com for creating my new JOY brand logos, banners, and updating my book covers.








joytothehome-logoEmail logo

Find out what Chaz can do for YOU!


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