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Besides flipping houses, Jeanette Fisher taught interior design psychology college courses and seminars on real estate investing.

Jeanette, author of best-seller real estate investing books Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars and Home Staging with Design Psychology, and her large family of expert house rehabbers were featured on a special edition of TLC’s Flip That House. During filming, Brian Fisher passed away suddenly. This episode of Flip That House sponsors Habitat for Humanity.

Jeanette discovered Design Psychology the hard way. Jeanette's Victorian home

She and her family restored this 1878 Queen Anne Victorian home, which later became the Minute Maid Orange Juice Bed & Breakfast. While undertaking this 6,000 square foot rehabilitation, she discovered how and why interior design details significantly influence residents’ happiness.

For the next 15 years, Jeanette researched how physiological responses to surroundings affect emotions. She researched at the University of Florida Architectural Library and obtained further materials on the psychological impact of design from Harvard University Department of Architecture.

A member of the Palatka City Historic Preservation Board for ten years, Jeanette appeared on national television as an historic house expert. She also wrote for local newspapers about remodeling historic homes and spoke to Realtors, Chambers of Commerce, and Florida legislators about the importance of saving old neighborhoods and historic downtowns.

After teaching, publishing books, presenting seminars and workshops, Jeanette’s experiences and opportunities positioned her to work with film and television professionals Martin Glover, Kelsey Grammer, and TLC, The Learning Channel.

The Jeanette Joy Show features interviews with celebrities and professionals who make a positive impact for world peace.

Tweet Me Right short videos highlight charities and volunteers who help people in need.

Tweet Me Nice short videos feature people who tweet goodness from their hearts.

Today, the Fisher family lives near Temecula Wine Country, California and in Austin, Texas. They remodel homes using Environmental and Design Psychology.

Join Jeanette on a mission to bring about peace through communication, inspiration, love, and business. Contact Joy TV for information about how to have your own TV show on JoyTVnetwork.com.

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  2. Hi Jeanette I love your site however I was looking for a Jeanette Fisher I knew from Richardson Texas. Alas, it does not look like I found that one? God bless and keep your head up. You are doing a good job!

  3. Hi John,
    I have connections to Austin, but I’m from California and Florida.
    I hope you find your Jeanette.
    Thank you for the nice compliment.
    Joy to you,

  4. Really happy to see your application to “The Business of Change” Tribe in Triberr, Jeanette. I approved you and DMed you (in Twitter) your invite code. Email me, please for simple instructions and in case the DM got lost, your special invite code again.



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